Life Protection Technologies offers the following services:


Fire Alarm Systems


Our extensive experience in construction places us among the best contractors when it comes to designing and installing fire alarm systems. In addition to standard systems, we install fiber optic-networked systems, which are the best available for the multi-building type of construction typical of the multifamily industry. 

Gas Detection Systems


Gas detection of parking areas is used to monitor the buildup of gases — including carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide — and to control the ventilation systems and safely remove dangerous fumes. Our factory-certified technicians install, program and calibrate these systems.


Emergency Responder Radio Coverage Enhancement Systems

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Through a combination of UL Listed Bidirectional amplifier and a Distributed Antenna System we can assist in complying with new ERRC code requirements. These requirements are the standards which apply to Public Safety radio enhancement systems as mandated under International Fire Code IFC-510 and the National Fire Protection Association standards NFPA 72, Chapter 24 and listed under UL2524.



We offer a variety of options for security systems, including simple keypads, CCTV, wireless perimeter sensors and Access Control Solutions. We customize each system design based on client needs and provide monitoring, making us a one-stop solution.


Emergency Call Systems


Typical crime deterrent system installation is also a service we offer. A vital presence found on college campuses, these systems also prove to be critically effective in parking decks.


Elevator Emergency Communication Systems


These systems are designed to provide a location for building occupants who cannot use the stairs without assistance to communicate with emergency personnel or first responders at the base station. They consist of multiple stations and are capable of hands-free communication, with options including central or remote locations. 




We understand the purpose and complexity of alarm systems and design them to be simple and cosmetically pleasing, providing optimal security while minimizing interference of architectural design.

Our starting point is always based on applicable codes — local and national — with the goal being to meet all owner requirements while never deviating from those codes. In most cases, this requires a lot of coordination between the owner and architect, which is where our NICET-certified staff comes into play.


Monitoring Services


Our central station service monitoring can assist with both landline and cellular communicator burglar and fire alarm systems.